Inter-Branch Dealing

FX/Gold OTC dealing with Branches' Customers

Multiple Regions & Feeds

Each region has its own pricing & each FX pair has its own feed

Multiple Broker Connections

Route trades to as many brokers as you like, for fees and risks optimisation

Smart Order Routing (SOR)

Enable Customers and Dealers/Traders to trade on Global Markets

Automated & RFQ

Both Automated Matching and Request For Quote (RFQ) are supported

Real-time Margin Control

Leveraging Complex Event Processing engine to allow unlimited accounts' Margin Control

Physical Delivery

Manages physical assets (notes, gold,...) & delivery at Branches

Core Bank Integration

Allows seamless payment transfer, via T/T, SWIFT, Cash Accounts,...

Native Apps & HTML5 Ready

Both Windows WPF Native App and state-of-the-art HTML5 app are ready to be used

  • Clear-cut Market Access Layers, supports Branches & Agents to introduce different fee / pricing structures to Customers ! ! !
  • Real-time Limit & Risk Management, allows Bank to full control of PnL & Portfolio
  • Seamless Integration with Core Bank / Treasury System to enable Straight Through Order processing, from Front to Back
  • Pre-defined & Ad-hoc Reports, SBV formated Reports
A Single System to Trade FX, Gold and Commodities

Why Quant Edge?

Built from scratch, leveraging latest technologies such as AMQP, Complex Event Processing. We have no hesitant to break-and-rebuild just to make sure our customers stay ahead of the pack

We continuously innovate and improve our system, to work unsupervised, trading on multiple markets 24/7

Founded as An Algorithmic In-house Trading System, we are Trader-by-Heart, always and only focus on improving trading activities

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